I am on staff at New Life Church in Ann Arbor, MI.  New Life Church is comprised of nearly 700 University of Michigan students and a small but growing number of Ann Arbor residents.  Check out the following 4 minutes of video to see what we do.

New Life Church – Ann Arbor from New Life Church on Vimeo.

My desire is to see New Life Church embrace the city of Ann Arbor in a greater capacity.  We are doing well on the campus but there’s a big city in our back yard.  I want to see those who call Ann Arbor home living as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ and pursuing the renown of His name in the totality of their lives. There is still more to be done in this city!

A2:God of this City from Jay Bennett on Vimeo.

“God of this City”
Artist: Chris Tomlin

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Jean Swisher
Eric Cooper