A man or woman of God is someone who above all understands their place in the universe. A man or woman of God is just that…human. They are not God and know it. Knowing it, they do not try to ignore God or act as if he does not exist. Men and women of God choose to seek God above all else and pursue a constant relationship with God who is the sustainer and source of all life. They see their connection to their Creator as more important than food or water or even air. The very breath of life first entered humanity by the Spirit of God Himself and only He will sustain in the land of the living.

A man or woman of God is someone who loves the Lord with all their heart, all their soul, all their strength, and all their mind. They seek to live before an audience of One. Pleasing God is their desire and what fuels their fire. They burn with a passion deep within for His Name and Renown. They want their life to count and make a difference for the Kingdom of God. Yet they understand that the weapons we war with are not of this earth and that the greatest battles take place in realm that our facilities cannot fully grasp. Thus, a man or woman of God leans into the Father for power and purpose. They do not strive on their own accord for it is like a shadow boxer beating the air. A man or woman of God fixes their gaze upon Jesus, the author and perfecter of their faith, and seeks to understand where God is at work in their midst and how He would have them join Him. There is a deep trust in the man or woman of God that as they walk with Jesus, their life will be filled with purpose and meaning and indeed, advance the Kingdom as God sees fit.

As an outflow of their relationship with their Creator, a man or woman of God seeks to love others as themselves. At times, they love others because they are commanded to, even when it’s hard, choosing to act out of their faith rather than their feelings. Often they love others because they find deep joy in serving and loving others just as they have experienced Jesus loving and serving them. The man or woman of God experiences God as they love others; their hearts desire is to love others well. And while they may not always get it right, they press on to love and serve another day.

A man or woman of God see the beauty of God’s grace and embraces it daily. For as much as the man or woman of God desires perfection in Christ, they understand it is not to be completely realized on this side of Heaven. Only when they stand in the presence of their Savior King, the King of Kings will they truly be made perfect in Christ. And it is to that end that they strive; step-by-step, day-by-day men and women of God move ever closer to that incredible day when they will cross the finish line of life and be enveloped in the arms of their greatest champion. The one they walked with, talked with, and trained with. The one they listened to, learned from, and leaned on. The one they watched, followed, and obeyed. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – the God of all creation will greet them at the line and welcome them Home.

Having fought the good fight, and finished the race marked out the man or woman of God will hear the sweetest words one could ever hear, words that will reverberate in their mind and heart for all of eternity. Words that the man and woman of God know they are completely unworthy of hearing if it were not for the grace of God in their life (the love of a Father, the obedience of a Son, and the encouragement of the Spirit). And because they know they are unfit to hear the words on their own, they experience God’s love in the most profound way when God looks at His son or daughter with complete joy on His Face and proclaims…

Well done, good and faithful servant…Enter into the joy of your master.

It’s not about perfection. It’s not about all you can ‘do’ for Him or even what you bring to the table. It’s not about you. It’s about God. It’s about this Trinity God who created everything that exists. It’s about His Story that He’s telling…day after day after day, ever since He created the first day. Being a man or woman of God is about letting Him make your life beautiful in His Story.