How does your belief in Jesus Christ make a difference in your life?

It’s a valid question being asked by seekers and skeptics alike.  When asked it provides an incredible opportunity to share of one’s personal experience with his/her creator.  However, more times than naught the Christian who is asked this question responds with vague or pat answers that do very little to answer the actual question.  The dialog may go something like this…

Inquirer:  So, I know you believe in all that God stuff and go to church regularly…but what difference does your belief in God make in your life?

Responder:  Well…(awkward and sometimes long pause)…for one I have hope because I know where I’m going when I die.

Inquirer:  But how does that hope make a difference in your life today?

Responder:  It gives me peace.

Inquirer:  How so? Read more